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The Path to Success
Kids Love MathRIders

Grades Go Up




Maths Lovers


Outstanding Teachers

Turns Learners into Confident Math Lovers

Through engaging, age-appropriate activities, MathRiders students begin to recognise mathematical models in their everyday lives. In the classroom, students pursue a variety of mathematical activities to stimulate their minds and encourage a natural understanding of the subject. MathRiders students get a strong grounding in maths through a combination of individual attention and lively group sessions. MathRiders offers a unique approach to learning that ensures success. The programme is built on the following concepts:

Appreciation:  Appreciation: The beauty, patterns and logic of maths are all around us. Maths isn’t only formulae and equations, but another way to understand the world.

Encouragement:  Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and learn to solve problems in new way.

Partnership: Students work with the support of their teacher and peer group and develop confidence in their own abilities. The youngest learners are given an activity at the end of the lesson and a small task to execute with parents to reinforce learning. This engages parents to join the learning process.

Personalised assessments: Each Helen Doron MathRiders student receives level-appropriate, individual assessments, conducted by a certified MathRiders teacher. These assessments are intended as a tool to help teachers track student progress, identify particular learning needs, and guide instructional planning.

For teens or advanced students, each lesson offers:

Enrichment Exercises: Challenging mathematical concepts are explored in an encouraging environment with personal attention and assistance as needed. Logic and problem solving skills are cultivated to promote intellectual flexibility.

Individual Study: A personalized study program based on an individual assessment of their own personal strengths and weaknesses helps students approach lessons with realistic goals.


“The dynamics of a small group is an outstanding way for a child to learn maths. Add to this, a specially trained teacher geared to helping the children interact with each other with fun and games, and they succeed—without pressure and through fun.”

Helen Doron, Founder and CEO