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About MathRiders
Maths for children and teens

A Better Way to Learn Maths

Maths tables, memorization and drills—many parents recall that this was how they learned maths.

There is a better way to learn mathematics. The MathRiders programme was created to ensure that students enjoy learning as they study maths. An antidote to the traditional ways of teaching, the MathRiders methodology has been developed by experts in mathematics and education and uses exploratory models and inquiry-based learning.

MathRiders makes maths real and meaningful and helps a child develop skills that are necessary in daily life. While all parents look for maths programmes that are effective and help children get ahead in school, they also hope to find a programme that is encouraging, motivating and fun.


Hard-Wired for Maths

The MathRiders programme is based on the knowledge that children are born with a natural understanding of maths and that maths skills develop from the very beginning. Babies absorb information so that they are able to understand the world around them. They differentiate between people (sorting) and learn that socks go on feet before shoes (sequencing).

Research and scientific studies agree that early maths training for children provides big benefits. Early learning creates changes in a children’s brains so that they become adept at problem solving; their brains are primed for learning advanced math concepts. Studies show that a child’s math skills in kindergarten is a stronger predictor of later school achievement than reading skills or the ability to pay attention.

MathRiders classes create a rich mathematical environment and let children pursue their natural abilities and interests using mathematical language and a receptive, positive approach.


Developed by Experts in Education and Child Development

The MathRiders methodology has a successful format and is built on the concept that learning can be joyful, confidence-building and effective. Methodologies not associated with traditional maths learning —small groups, positive reinforcement, games and even music, are successful and effective learning tools for students of all ages. Developed by a team of experts in child development and education, the MathRiders curriculum offers the following programmes:

  • MathRiders Starter for preschool children, ages 2-4
  • MathRiders Junior, for children ages 4-11
  • MathRiders Advanced for youth and teens ages 11-19

Grades Go Up




Maths Lovers


Outstanding Teachers