MathRiders – maths for children and teens.

MathRiders programmes are based on a proven, successful methodology that teaches children and teens necessary skills to problem-solve  in life. Maths teach how to define a problem, think of ways to solve it, implement a solution, and evaluate the results. Using a combination of small group learning, positive re-enforcement, and a dynamic learning environment, students are kept engaged and develop a foundation for success.

All MathRiders programmes are taught in small groups of 4-8 students which encourages them to discover mathematical insights, organise their thought processes, and develop self-evaluation capabilities and social skills.


Ages 2-4

MathRiders teaches that mathematics is everywhere. It is already a big part of early childhood and young children are born with an informal understanding of maths Read more


Ages 4 – 11

MathRiders starts children ages 4-11 thinking about mathematical concepts as part of the everyday world. through child-friendly activities Read more


Ages 11 – 19

A combination of different learning and teaching methods primes students for success. Each MathRiders lesson combines: enrichment exercises Read more


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