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A Proven Methodology

Helen Doron MathRiders is based upon a proven, successful methodology that looks into the different learning styles of children and opens up the language of maths in the minds of children and teens. Children respond enthusiastically when maths is presented in a fun, intuitive way.

Designed by experts in child development and education to promote enthusiasm and understanding of maths through fun and encouragement, MathRiders classes work. A combination of small group learning, positive reinforcement, and a dynamic learning setting, keeps students engaged and eager to learn maths, week after week.  Research has shown that an enhanced learning environment improves the quality of the process of gaining knowledge or skills.

The advantages of small group learning.

MathRiders was developed with an understanding of the advantages of both individual attention and group activities. To reach a perfect balance, all classes are comprised of 4 to 8 children. This creates the perfect setting for dynamic learning—small enough for personalised attention and large enough for group activities to be fun and rewarding. This small group, collaborative learning environment has been shown to significantly improve student performance. Students of ages respond and succeed.

Confidence from positive reinforcement

Children thrive in an environment that encourages instead of judges, supports instead of criticises. Helen Doron-certified MathRiders teachers provide this positive encouragement in the classroom. The feeling of success brings motivation, which in turn brings more success.

Dynamic, creative and effective course materials

Students learn problem solving skills through enjoyable activities that help develop mathematical thinking. Students are motivated to learn and this motivation propels them to succeed. MathRider’s teaching methods take into account children’s unique learning styles and uses age-appropriate games, movement and music to maximise kids’ natural love of learning. Highly experienced, specially trained teachers who are devoted to creating a nurturing and dynamic learning environment ensure that learning is enjoyable and effective.