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Grades Go UP

It’s unanimous; 100% of students that attend MathRiders programmes report an increase in school classroom performance. Parents and children agree that MathRiders programmes are motivating and that learning is enjoyable. MathRiders courses are taught in a unique, stress-free environment based on a proven methodology. As grades improve, students feel better about themselves. Studies show links between better grades and self-esteem.


Personalised, individual assessments that measure growth and learning

To begin with, a placement test ensures that each student is at the right level for maximum success and progress. Each MathRiders student receives level-appropriate, individual assessments and placement tests, conducted by a certified MathRiders teacher throughout the year These assessments are intended as a tool to help teachers track student progress, identify particular learning needs, and guide instructional planning.


Students experience stress-free learning

Students learn in small groups of 4 to 8 students. Each lesson includes problem-solving techniques in individual and group situations, enrichment group activities. For students ages 11-19, there is an individual study programme specifically designed for each student by professional teachers.


MathRider’s tools for success

• Self-motivation techniques
• Defining goals, tasks and priorities
• Time management
• Learning from success
• Dealing with hardships & failures
• Defining each individual’s strengths & potential

"I loved my MathRiders classes"

The MathRiders programme was unique and the materials were great, they reinforced what I was learning in school and made maths fun. My skills improved and best of all, my test scores did too!”

Nitay Sheffer, MathRiders student, Israel